African Inspired Clothing


Fashion has always been a part of clothing designer Chipo Mudzengi-Hwami’s life. As a young child growing up in Zimbabwe she learned from her father, who owned a small leather clothing manufacturing company, and her mother, who was an expert seamstress, that it’s not just about clothes that look good, but clothes that are well-constructed and made to last. 

As an adult, she has taken this early training and turned it into an innovative, ready-to-wear African inspired fashion brand for women between the ages of 25 and 45, who are edgy, confident and have a strong sense of fashion. They want quality fun clothing that is well-made, versatile and durable.

Naming her line Panashe, which means “in God’s Presence”, she has created pieces that stand on their own. The designs incorporate texture, prints and color. She has received accolades for her work from the Los Angeles Trade Technical College. She received two Gold Thimble awards for her outstanding work in the Men's and Theme categories, having the latter presented to her by none other than fashion designer and musician Kanye West. It was these awards that propelled her to launch her business online. She credits her parents and teachers for demanding precision and excellence in her handiwork.

Panashe Designs was started because of the hardship Chipo faced as a single mother. When her daughter was younger she struggled to make ends meet and feed her child. Determined not to become a statistic, she continued to work hard and realized it was her mission to help other mothers in the same position. Her goal is to use proceeds from her clothing line to create a center where single moms can work, gain confidence, feel beautiful and become self-sufficient, all toward providing a better future for their children.

Chipo lives in the Los Angeles area with her husband and daughter. 


Panashe is a Los Angeles based online clothing brand that designs chic and edgy African Inspired casual clothing with a seventies vibe for women aged 25 to 45. We carry sizes ranging from S to 5XL with seventies inspired prints, and vibrant colors. Check out all new arrivals on the shop page!


Our mission is to empower single moms by giving them a platform to rise. We do this through providing scholarships for single parents in need and by encouraging them to keep pushing forward.


Our vision is to establish a globally recognized fashion brand.


We pride ourselves in using the finest material that is sourced both in the US and in Africa. We believe in integrity, family, helping others, and having fun.